Did you know a broken washing machine hose can leak 45 liters of water per minute?

Water DamageHow can you prevent this damage?

A flood in a condo can be devastating for its owner and its neighbors. As the administrator of the building, being informed promptly and responding quickly can mean the difference between minor damage or a major catastrophe that could result in  significant increases in your insurance premiums or even loss of coverage.

Monitoring and detection of water with Smart Alarm™

Techis proud to partner with Sensor Suite to bring you the unparalleled protection of Suite Sentry™ monitoring and water detection system. Through its integration with smart phones, Smart Alarm ™ system can send an email or an SMS text message to the owner of the condo as well as any other person designated on the contact list as soon as a leak is detected. This allows you to react quickly and minimize the damage not only in the condo where the leak occurred, but also on other floors and condos.

Water DamageDon’t wait until it's too late!

ProTech IB and Sensor Suite provide you unparalleled protection:

  • Installing arresting devices to cut power appliances (washer, dishwasher) as soon as the presence of water is detected;
  • Automated shutoff valves on the water pipes to minimize the spread of water in the condo and throughout the building;
  • Instant notification by email and SMS text message that allows you to act before the devastating effects of widespread flooding;
  • Less insurance claims resulting in premium reductions and maintaining an enviable record.

Water DamageAvoid being forced to leave your condo for several weeks

There is nothing more unpleasant, stressful and expensive than having to live elsewhere for several weeks because major repairs and decontamination have to be done due to a flood. We protect all devices that are a common source of leaks:


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